May 9, 2010

Java EE6 CDI

Choices ..choices. Now Java Development without Spring.
Its making harder for Java EE Developers & Architects. Now they have to un-learn and learn new stuff.
Jokes apart -- Java EE 6 with CDI indeed seems to simplify things for the programmer. Less code more work backed by Oracle (i.e. Sun) & Tomcat support coming soon. Finally Spring taught a lesson to Java & Java has learnt it well.

Let me head to the book shop to pick up the book - "Java Development without Spring" By Johan :)

I don't know what my next client would want. Spring or No Spring. Do I have a choice?

May 7, 2010

Bob Martin on Software Craftmanship

After listening to this marvelous session, if any body related to Software development, who writes production code, does not write a unit test (i.e. automated test) for that production code, then he is not a software "professional" --> period.

Everything falls in place, like good design, good architecture when we have a set of test suite. It adds immense confidence to keep improving the software without any "fear" of breaking it. Good test suite == good software.

Craftsmanship is nothing but professional commitment of an individual to deliver "best" software to their client or the employer.

No finger-pointing, no blame-game, no wasting time how this mess got created - just get your hands dirty and start fixing.

Thanks Bob for the lesson.