March 16, 2010

Reading Code...Software Archeology - 1

Finally things have come to an end..and there is some relief of completing this particular project.
This project had some history (of-course not a good one) of being slow, complex, no-documentation, open bugs etc. My luck, I landed in this one. But there is always some scope to a new project or old project.

This project was a IBM WAS portal application (one big portlet) built using legacy struts1.1 framework and accessing a set of remotely deployed ejb services. The ejb services project (was configured with 6 datasources) acted as a service provider and the portal project as the consumer of services.

Size wise, the portal app is having 6 very big struts 1.1 action classes (where all the UI logic resides), 11 packages & about 20 KLOC. When I say very big, I mean very big about 5KLOC in each action class.

The goals of this project was to de-portalize i.e. move away from the portal run time - i.e. to save some money on portal licenses & merge the complex ejb services project with this one. This is primarily to strip of ejb layer so that performance is improved and all its services are local. Everything is at one place and so it is more maintainable.
btw, earlier I wanted to use the word - re-architecting but found out that there is no existing architecture in the current project to do that. So instead used another jargon - de-portalizing.. :)

But what this has all got to do with the Topic of this blog..Reading Code...Software Archeology.

You might have guessed based on the above background where I'm heading to..

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