September 19, 2011

Packt - 6th Annual Open Source Awards - Please vote your fav Open Source

OpenSource has revolutionized the way - how the software is consumed and delivered these days. Opensource contributors, developers, professionals, users are truly passionate about their contribution and are thorough professionals.
Packt is publishing its 6th Annual Open source awards.
The Open Source Awards is a contest that aims to encourage, support, recognize and reward Open Source projects. There is reward for nominating your favorite OS in several categories :
  • Open Source CMS
  • Open Source Mobile Toolkits and Libraries
  • Most Promising Open Source project
  • Open Source Business Applications
  • Open Source JavaScript Libraries
  • Open Source Multimedia Software
The details are here
Last year my favourite jQuery made it to the top in JavaScript libraries category.
Please nominate your favorites, vote and show your support for Open Source.

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