October 4, 2011

TOGAF 9 - Enterprise Architecture Training - Day 2

This is how I'm feeling after today's session...

The instructor covered 6 modules - 185 MS Powerpoint slides..tooo much

Module - Introduction to the Architecture Development Method
Module - The Enterprise Continuum & Tools
Module - Architecture Repository
Module - Architecture Content Framework
Module - TOGAF Content Metamodel
Module - Preliminary Phase

Some jazzy stuff that I discovered today - TOGAF is an "Enterprise Framework" - which is also a Meta-Architecture framework i.e. "Architecture" of "Architectures"- integration framework that sits above individual architectures..simply too much :)
Key takeaways: 
Helps to think the big picture - Foundation Architecture, Insdustry standard architectures etc etc
Lots of questions asked today (including myself) were from a Solution Architecture background. In EA the focus is much bigger and we have un-learn and get rid of this "baggage".
Four primary iterations - Architecture Context Iteration, Architecture Definition Iteration, Transition Planning Iteration, Architecture Governance Iteration - which lead to EA
much ..much more..

until next time..

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