October 6, 2011

We all miss you Steve...

I fee very sad typing this on my mac. I woke up today with very sad news to find out that Steve Jobs is no more. I feel so bad- I cannot comprehend how Apple employees and his family might be going thru. People out there who use Apple products kind of feel connected with Steve - some kind of a spiritual connection. He has put his soul into the products, his company.  He devoted his complete professional and creative life to this world by giving out-of-the-world products - revolutionized how information is consumed.

Steve had rightly said - "Death is the destination we all share..."

If I can relate one person in the history with Steve it would be - Leonardo da Vinci. Both were multi talented - be in the field of creativity, design, passion, innovation, vision, foresight..

May his soul rest in peace...

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